20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
I have years of background tutoring students of varying ages in a broad range of subjects. Throughout middle and high-school, I was a peer tutor in math classes including pre-Algebra, Algebra I/II, integrated math I/II, and geometry. Also, while in high-school, I was employed by the tutoring center at a local community college. Here I tutored students in different math, English, and computer co...
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
I am 27yrs old, graduated in chemical engineering in 2011. I have been working in the manufacturing industry since then. My daily job helped me in maintaining my mathematical skills and engineering skills. this implies a good level of understanding in physics too. I tend to focus my work on optimization of processes and increasing productivity using engineering technique skills acquired during ...
I am a retired (EC)special education teacher. I enjoy working with all types of young people and spent the majority of my 30 yrs in the public school system educating a diverse population. I am great at taking details and modifying it so that the details can be easily understood.I also believe in keeping parents informed. I know the importance of a well rounded approach to education.
20-Jul-2018Cary, NC(16 miles)Education Jobs
I am highly qualified to teach language arts skills. My experience as an elementary teacher, adjunct professor for Wake Technical Community College at several Cary locations, while working full-time as an editor, was demanding but fulfilling. Also, I worked as a part time tutor at the Huntington Learning Center in Cary for several years.
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
Patient and experienced science and math tutor. Background substitute teaching in high-school and tutoring in a community college setting. Focus subjects include but are not limited to: basic biology, general chemistry, microbiology, statistics, college algebra, precalculus, and physical science. Current master's student at NC State. Go Pack!
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
I am a Junior studying Marine Science and Geology at NC State University. I received a perfect 800 on my math SAT section. I have had background my entire life tutoring from high-school to college students. I am very versatile with subjects I am able to tutor. Anyone with learning disabilities to classmates.
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
I am a current high-school Spanish teacher and I am fully licensed to teach in the state of North Carolina. I have studied abroad and have a strong network of Spanish speaking colleagues. I mainly teach Spanish 1, 2 and 3 but I have also worked with Spanish 4. I have tutored students in levels one and 2 in Spanish. I love helping people be successful and reach goals.
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
Hi there! My name is Isaiah Kim and I am currently an undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill. I am a chemistry major and hoping to pursue dentistry after I graduate. I have spent much of my high-school and college career tutoring or helping my peers in several different subjects, all with positive results. Let me know what you need and I will do my best to help!
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
Hello all, my name is Rohan. I have B.S. in Mathematics (minor in Physics) from North Carolina State University and I am currently working toward a PhD in Mathematical Physics. I greatly enjoy helping people with understanding the complexities of math and science, and building up their confidence in their expertise to do so.
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
I have extensive knowledge in the fields of math, science, history, and languages. I tutor students of elementary, middle and high-school age best. I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Chemistry and have done well in STEM-related courses but am not limited to courses such as these. I have background working with children in childcare settings and in tutoring through various clubs.
My name is Fatima White and I currently tutor for North Carolina Central University in Pre-Chemistry (1000), General Chemistry 1&2 (1100&1200), Organic Chemistry one (3100) and a assorted Math classes. I have been tutoring for a year and I enjoy assisting and encouraging students, adults and anyone willing to learn. I have Bachelor's degree's in Chemistry and Physics from Elizabeth City State U...
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
I am Environmental Science major and Mathematics minor at American University, class of 2016. I am also the co-founder of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for STEM education and currently work as a math researcher for American University. My hobbies include chess, piano, reading, and weight lifting. When I was a public school student growing up in Raleigh, I hated math and found the subject ...
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
I am an undergraduate student at NC State University with a passion for words. I've loved English for as long as I can remember and I enjoy helping others to learn to love it as well. While I realize that writing an expository essay isn't everyone's idea of fun, I believe that there is a talented writer inside every student, and with some practice, putting your thoughts to paper will become eas...
20-Jul-2018Apex, NC(19 miles)Education Jobs
Hi there! My name is Jessie, and I am a rising 2L at Campbell University's School of Law. I have a psychology degree from N.C. State, and I am a volunteer Guardian ad Litem for Wake County, where I testify on behalf of children in domestic abuse cases to advocate for their needs. I love tutoring, and have been helping kids in elementary, middle, and high-school for 7 yrs. I specialize in langua...
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
I am a high-school math teacher with Wake County Public Schools.. I have taught Math 1, Math 2, Math 3, and AP Statistics, but I feel confident teaching all levels of math from K-12th! I have tutored several students in the past for their math classes and for general SAT/ACT Prep. I have also led an after-school SAT prep course for students at my high-school. I can definitely help you get the r...
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
I am a current English major completing my undergraduate degree at Wake Forest University. While I have no formal tutoring background, I often help peers and younger schoolmates with their papers. I thoroughly enjoy writing and microsoft excel at it, but am seeking ways to gain teaching background. I feel that tutoring will be a seamless transition from giving informal help to more formal instr...
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
NC State senior studying Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and minors in Business Administration and English. I have a 3.78 overall GPA and a 4.0 in my major's coursework. In the past, I have tutored high-school students in writing and study habit techniques, as well as 1st graders in math. I am willing to tutor you in any subject if I feel equipped to do so! Although, I'm ...
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
My name is Regan Hall and I am a Senior at North Carolina State University. I am studying business administration, but I also have a passion for teaching. I have always loved math and have excelled in my math classes at the University level. I enjoy learning new things and teaching them to others. I received a near perfect score on the math portion of the SAT. I am also proficient in English, h...
20-Jul-2018Apex, NC(19 miles)Education Jobs
I have been tutoring students at the K-12 and collegiate levels for 3yrs. I have served at Campbell University as a teaching assistant for general chemistry, organic chemistry, and cell biology, and have also tutored in math, chemistry, biology. In addition to my college tutoring, I have worked with k-12 students through volunteer opportunities. As a tutor, I seek to tailor my teaching style to...
20-Jul-2018Raleigh, NC(21 miles)Education Jobs
Recent graduate of UNC Chapel Hill able to help with math up to Calculus 3, SAT prep, reading comprehension, writing, science, social studies, college applications, and languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish).
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